Our Factory

Focusing on product quality, fulfilling waste recycling

Brief Introduction

​Our factory, Hunan Jia Long Eco Packaging Co., Ltd., is located in Hunan, China. The production area covers more than 100,000 m2 and employs more than 300 people.

We have strong production capacity, with 18 fully automatic paper cup lines with a daily capacity of 2 million pieces of cups. ​More than 150 food packaging lines produce food boxes, food trays, paper bowls and more.

In addition to the food packaging production machines, our factory has two Marquip paperboard machines , Heidelberg, KBA printing machines as well as several paper cutting machines, slotting machines, folding machines, gluing and binding machines.

Our factory is one of the strongest paper packaging factories in China, with a wide range of products ranging from paper cups, food meal box production, color box printing and packaging, carton binding and even corrugated board production.

​Production Concept

​Based on the production concept of “quality first”, we do our best to satisfy all clients and improve our quality constantly.
In addition to the extremely high demand for our products, our factory has a positive impact on environmental protection and recycling of waste paper. We have a large amount of paper raw material waste in our daily production, and for the collection of paper waste, we have invested and established a system of paper recycling facilities largely for the collection and compression of waste paper material.

Our Certification

We maintain highly-recognized global standards for food safety and quality consistency. Our products are manufactured in food packaging grade environment and certificated by FSC, BSCI, ISO9001 quality system, so our customers can be fully assured our highest quality standards.





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