Who we Are

Breif Introduction

​Printon is a Shanghai based company invested by factory, Huna Jia Long Eco Packaging Co., Ltd. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the printing and packaging industries. Our factory is located in Hunan, a central province of China, with competitive production and reasonable prices.

Printon aims to provide a one-stop printing and packaging services from paper cups, food carton production, color box printing and packaging, carton binding and even corrugated board production.

Our Shanghai office with showroom is just 30 minutes away from Shanghai Pudong airport, offers design, customer service, shipping and documentation. ​We look forward to working with you.

Our ExhibitonShanghai Office and Showroom

Our Shanghai office, complete with a showroom, is situated just 30 minutes from Shanghai Pudong airport. We offer design, customer service, shipping, and documentation services.

Focus on Products

Printon is dedicated to safe, eco-friendly, and innovative food packaging. Our main product categories include disposable cups & food containers, biodegradable pulp products, recyclable food containers, PLA, and innovative food packages that comply with FDA & EU requirements.

Our Exhibiton

Printon focuses on safe, eco-friendly and innovative food packaging. Annually, we showcase our new products at local and international trade fairs, such as Canton Fair, Mega Show, PLAM. We sincerely invite you to come to our booth and see our products.

Our Factory

Brief Introduction

​Our factory, Hunan Jia Long Eco Packaging Co., Ltd., is located in Hunan, China. The production area covers more than 100,000 m2 and employs more than 300 people.

We have strong production capacity, with 18 fully automatic paper cup lines with a daily capacity of 2 million pieces of cups. ​More than 150 food packaging lines produce food boxes, food trays, paper bowls and more.

In addition to the food packaging production machines, our factory has two Marquip paperboard machines , Heidelberg, KBA printing machines as well as several paper cutting machines, slotting machines, folding machines, gluing and binding machines.

Our factory is one of the strongest paper packaging factories in China, with a wide range of products ranging from paper cups, food meal box production, color box printing and packaging, carton binding and even corrugated board production.

​Production Concept

​Based on the production concept of “quality first”, we do our best to satisfy all clients and improve our quality constantly.
In addition to the extremely high demand for our products, our factory have a positive impact on environmental protection and recycling of waste paper. We have a large amount of paper raw material waste in our daily production, and for the collection of paper waste, we have invested and established a system of paper recycling facilities largely for the collection and compression of waste paper material.

Our Certification

We maintain highly recognised global standards for food safety and quality consistency. Our products are manufactured in food packaging grade environment and certificated by FSC, BSCI, ISO9001 quality system, so our customers can be fully assured our highest quality standards.

Our Mission

Printon aims to provide our customers with high-quality, hygienic, sustainable, compostable products and to provide you with innovative one-stop food packaging solutions. We want to be your most valued and trusted business partner in the printing & packaging field.

DescriptionQuality is always our commitment and we repay every customer for their trust and support with high quality.

Description​Innovation is our concept, and our technical engineers explore new eco-friendly material applications in combination with products.

Description​​Sustainable manufacturing for our customers is our vision and our team will continue to design and manufacture novel packaging to meet market changes and needs.

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